Alex Hess is an award winning graphic designer and illustrator. As a multi-disciplined creative, he combines his wide-range of influences to create truly state-of-the-art work. With having a solid professional background both as a designer and illustrator there is nothing envisioned that can’t be brought to life.  His work strives to bridge strategic, creative, and practicability to maximize the level of creative thinking. It is in the subtle simplicity, exquisite detail, and conceptualized thought where the project prospers.

As a professional Alex is well rounded and immersed in the production side as well. With an extensive knowledge and experience of exactly what different types of papers can offer, print techniques, finishes, and overall production needs. Differences like these are exactly what can bring any project to the forefront amongst an audience.

Alex Hess is keen on educating himself with what’s relevant in the creative world and does so by involving himself as a full-fledged member of The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators and AiGA.

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(B.S.) The Art Institute of Pittsburgh 


Honors and Awards

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators
Best Portfolio, Employer's Choice Award, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Being a well-rounded creative professional is not a knowledge easily attainable. My craft has evolved over time and continues to do so by meticulously pushing myself to new horizons both as a designer and illustrator.
— Alex Hess, Designer, Illustrator, Creative Strategist

Personal Insider

  • Avid dog lover... Has a Wheaten Terrior, Golden Retriever, and Westie.
  • Enjoys traveling as much as possible and was especially impressed by Mexico.
  • Loves historical documentaries and
    scientific research. 
  • As much as a print and art enthusiast as an artist himself.  
  • Frequently enjoys physical activity such as; weight, skateboarding, biking, and walks.
  • Favorite desserts... Chocolate/Chocolate Cake, Puppy Chow, Berries N' Bits.
  • Music is a must... Favorites include anything from Metallica, Blink-182, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan, etc...
  • Starbucks lover. Haha