Design that connects memorably amongst an audience all starts with developing an intuitive process. The communication, research, and essential steps is a vital part of any project, no matter the size. This visual process is broken down into 6 simple steps that will help take the work to a new horizon.

Step 1: Creative Brief

A creative brief is a communication document that outlines a project's requirements, expectations, goals, and resources. The document gives essential insight that makes the process in its entirety more efficient and effective for both the designer and client. The brief is a useful tool for a project of any size, and for designers and large corporations alike.


Step 2: Research & Brainstorm

Design research and brainstorming is one of the most critical aspects involved in the process. This step will play a vital role in creating memorable and effective work. Research ranges from concept boards, styles, typography, historical influence, etc… the gathered research is specifically to support the development of a project.


Step 3: Concept & Sketching

Concept and sketching can make a dramatic difference to the final piece(s) ahead of time by exploring rough compositions, visuals, type treatments, and most-of-all help refine a solution that will work best. This step helps expedite approval process and client feedback prior to engaging in the final work.


Step 4: Refining

By this point the project begins to develop a refined look and feel. Typically, this is where the project will become digital and proofs moving forward will be through a digital format such as .pdf or .jpg. By this point both the client and designer should be mutually on board with each other on the overall direction.


Step 5: Revision & Minor Edits

The digital project proofs are now in review and awaiting feedback and client approval. At this point the project should be completely proofed for any text, composition, or design revisions. Major design changes or overall project design should not be changed at this point in the process.


Step 6: Deliverables

When the design has been approved and any revisioned have been made the final files are now ready to be delivered. These files are referred to as "MECH" files which are files ready for print or final presentation (for web projects). The client will be delivered the final files in formats such as; .pdf, .jpg, or .png. working files maintain with designer.